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If, (based on her interviews about this season), Julie doesn’t want to do anything “predictable” why would she end the TV series like the books?

Based on her interviews and how she led the audience on just to “shock” us this year.. I don’t think she would. There is a very strong possibility that neither SE nor DE is endgame.

Right. I think it’ll be Defan—just to keep her from choosing sides as well.

agreed. I always thought Defan would be endgame, but so would be Stelena…and I just think it’s more likely that it’s only Defan now.

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  2. silvergale1 answered: I don’t think she’ll base endgame on who is predictable/unpredictable. I think she’s likely to end it on who is her favoured pairing :s.
  3. stelena-forever-and-always answered: she didn’t end it like the books yet…
  4. withstefanelenaishome answered: Money…from a financial perspective if the TV show endgame matches the books then a popular TV show increases the sale of the books.
  5. tbhidontevenknow answered: lol if ALL the stelena-ers leave, she might end it with stelena just to shock the remaining delena fans
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    So the unpredictability of a predictable endgame is the reason she’ll do it? Could happen. LOL
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    because she thinks everyone will think it wont be like the books and then it will be and it will be shocking
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    agreed. I always thought Defan would be endgame, but so would be Stelena…and I just think it’s more likely that it’s...
  11. goldment answered: She shouldn’t base TVD off the books then if she didn’t want to follow them. That’s just stupid to do and then change everything.
  12. sobiaaa04 answered: Does that mean that Elena will actually end up with Damon? NOO!!
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  14. activia-tvd-stelena answered: she wouldnt I mean based on the finale this season I think its clear shock value is more important than story
  15. sebastian-queen answered: She wouldn’t but then again now we might think she wouldn’t so she actually would. makes sense? ;-)
  16. bambiscott-mikaelson answered: idk maybe she hasnt read them lol